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Welcome again!🐣 Still being constructed…

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Pseudorandom ideas here 🎲

If you like playing golf, so be it.

If you are crazy about well-cooked snakes or crustaceans, good then.

And what about random noise?

Does IEEE fit into your spectrum?

Everyone knows that learning does oneself a good. Go Rust. Instantly.

You maybe like also rhythms, algorithms I mean.

Seeing brigh future full of light?

In case you are missing your school years, try W3Schools.

Youʼre sure your device counts and is enough cool, right? You can “transform” to next-gen anytime, anyway.

Those lost already in streams of bits getting close to the treshold of death: Bits and bytes explained, Trit And Tryte, try your favourite search engine with “Ternary numeral system” or just play a game, look at trit at and you can check also with qubit and qutrit.

cog wheels arrangement