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Pseudorandom ideas here 🎲

If you like playing golf, so be it.

If you are crazy about well-cooked snakes or crustaceans, good then.

And what about random noise?

Does IEEE fit into your spectrum?

Everyone knows that learning does oneself a good. Go Rust. Instantly.

You maybe like also rhythms, algorithms I mean.

Seeing brigh future full of light?

In case you are missing your school years, try W3Schools.

YouΚΌre sure your device counts and is enough cool, right? You can β€œtransform” to next-gen anytime, anyway.

Those lost already in streams of bits getting close to the treshold of death: Bits and bytes explained, Trit And Tryte, try your favourite search engine with β€œTernary numeral system” or just play a game, look at trit at thefreedictionary.com and you can check also with qubit and qutrit.

cog wheels arrangement